Teams Telephony

Unlocking Business Communication: Microsoft Teams Phone System in Action

Explore the benefits of utilizing the Microsoft Teams Phone System tailored for businesses, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. This telephony service within Microsoft Teams empowers you to make calls, foster collaboration, and engage in virtual meetings, all within a unified application. Enjoy the convenience of these functionalities anytime and anywhere, with a focus on ensuring secure communication.

Microsoft Teams Phone integrates voice into the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. The solution can increase user collaboration and productivity, lessen the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing licensing and usage costs and reducing IT management burden, and improve productivity for both enterprise organizations and small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Why choose Microsoft Teams Phone System by MS Solutions?

Unified Communication Platform

All tools under one roof.

Integrated PBX Solution

Traditional telephony with modern features.

Easy administration

Effortless team call management.

High-level protection

Data security and end-to-end encryption.

Location flexibility

Access MS Teams’ features from around the world.

Lower costs

Microsoft Teams Telephony is a budget-friendly solution for companies of any size.

Call Recording and Transcription

The future of communication.

Direct integration with Dynamics CRM customer support

Spam Detection and Protection

The end of unwanted disruptions.

Phone Calling Plans

Customized calling for all departments.

Data and Analytics

Boosts data-driven decision-making.

Effortless Call Management

Cloud-powered control.

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