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Our Managed Services tailored for you

Migrating your emails or digital assets to the cloud is one piece of a global digital transformation journey. Our team is seasoned handling planning and executing migrations for companies large and small. We have migrated and consolidated a plethora of systems ranging from email servers and file systems all the way to active directories and security apparatus. We analyze your current environment and assess the impact on systems, processes and people. We take a prudent approach to execution, conducting pilot migrations where necessary and maintaining abundant communication throughout the process, leaving virtually no space for the “unexpected”. Here are just a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Analyze your current IT architecture and implement a strategic cloud approach with pilot migrations and portfolio assessments.
  • Create a cloud migration journey roadmap and a business case using our in-depth expertise.
  • Windows Server and SQL Server migration to Azure.
  • Files system migration to SharePoint in Microsoft 365.
  • Local email system migration to Exchange online.

For over 15 years we have helped companies like yours turn a mosaic of systems and storages into a coherent environment that is optimized for efficiency, budget and user experience. Modernization is a process rather than a task, it requires an intimate knowledge of all part of your organization: human, cultural, technical and external. We analyze and design a journey through which we converge your various information systems and rein in all shadow IT systems without breaking the flow of work. In fact, we are firm believers that strong adoption is essential to success and internal champions are key to strong adoption. Give us a call, let’s explore together the future of your information systems. Here are some of the most common solutions that we implement regularly:

  • Legacy Applications Modernization with Microsoft Azure.
  • Modernization of Web Applications in Azure.
  • Ensure compliance and security during your Azure implementation.
  • Modernize your existing applications to maximize cost savings, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

At OnTarget, we believe that a modern workplace is essential for the success of any business. We work with you to create a modern workplace alignment plan that integrates your technical and functional strategies, while optimizing your applications and maximizing ROI.

Our Application Managed Services are designed to continually advance your custom application portfolio, while ensuring agility and scalability. We specialize in integrated Microsoft Azure platform services such as DevOps, analytics, AI, and IoT. By leveraging these services, we help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

We recognize that employee retention is a top challenge for many businesses. Our modern workplace alignment plan focuses on employee sentiment and workplace flexibility to improve mood and morale among your staff. We use specialized tools and a skilful approach to balance the benefits of an open-office architecture with the necessity of a synchronized, lockstep workforce.

With Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions, we help you improve employee productivity and satisfaction rates, and create better ways to communicate and collaborate across various platforms and locations. Our plan ensures the security and integrity of your company’s systems and data, while providing a modern and flexible work environment that empowers your employees to succeed.

We believe that a modern workplace alignment plan is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition and attract top talent. Let us work with you to create a plan that aligns your technical and functional strategies, optimizes your applications, and creates a modern workplace that empowers your employees to succeed.


Experience the difference of personalized Modern Workplace support. Contact us now to learn more.
Our Modern Workplace support services provide customized assistance to ensure your system runs smoothly and maximizes its benefits. We're passionate about helping your business succeed and will be your trusted partner in navigating any challenges that arise. Let us take care of your Modern Workplace solutions so you can focus on running your business.

As businesses compete to leverage the efficiencies of cloud technology, there is a growing need to learn and adopt entirely new architectural methodologies. OnTarget is your go-to partner when it comes to spurring lower costs, agility, or building operational efficiencies. Our dedicated team of cloud professionals applies deep expertise in application modernization, cloud-native development, workload management, IoT, and cloud strategy.


In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Enterprises need to implement a comprehensive approach to security that covers critical areas like Zero Trust Workplace Security, Cloud security, Secure Applications, and Digital Identity. By doing so, they can protect sensitive data, manage devices and backups, and implement advanced threat protection, all while operating securely in a digital environment.

Zero Trust Workplace Security: provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity, enabling enterprises to implement Zero Trust security and benefit from securing sensitive data, advanced threat protection, identity security, device management, and backup and recovery tools.

Cloud security: optimize your cloud infrastructure with advanced security capabilities, including Azure implementation and governance, Azure Sentinel threat monitoring, and Security Advisory for cloud compliance and risk management.

Secure Applications: modernize your apps with secure migration to Azure and implement enhanced DevOps processes with Security Development Lifecycle. Achieve data integrity, identity management, and cloud infrastructure security.

Digital Identity: securing privileged credentials with an optimal digital identity strategy is crucial for a better future. Services include hybrid cloud identity, third-party collaborations, and enhanced governance. Evaluate the current infrastructure and identifies areas of improvement before building capabilities across Identity and Access management and Identity governance.


Efficiency is crucial in modern workplaces. Optimizing tools and processes can improve productivity and effectiveness, resulting in a more capable and empowered workforce. A well-executed modern workplace strategy with a focus on efficiency can drive behavioural change and maximize the benefits of digital transformation.

Do More with Less: consolidating solutions to Microsoft 365 can reduce licensing costs and simplify IT management. By automating system updates, organizations can enhance efficiencies and save IT costs while streamlining operations. The ability to do more with less is a valuable outcome that can help drive success for any organization.

Empowering Productivity: Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions offer an effective way to enhance employee productivity, satisfaction, and seamless collaboration across platforms and locations, while also ensuring security and data integrity.

High Level of Flexibility: Microsoft’s latest tools offer flexibility to adapt and meet the changing needs of the modern workplace. As technology advances, Microsoft’s modern workplace tools are designed to grow alongside businesses, ensuring they stay relevant and productive in the years and decades to come. This adaptability enables companies to stay competitive in the market and provide employees with the necessary tools to work efficiently.

Access Information Instantly: in the modern workplace, information is readily available and easily accessible. Unlike in the past where it could take hours or days to locate relevant information, you can now access what you need in a matter of seconds. This convenience increases overall productivity and enables teams to achieve more each day.


Microsoft 365 gives powerful collaboration tools that can help teams work together more efficiently, regardless of their location. With threaded one-on-one and group chat conversations, users can easily stay in sync with their teams and share information in real-time. Microsoft Teams also offer the ability to co-author Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files within the app, enabling teams to work collaboratively on projects. With real-time sharing capabilities, employees can receive instant feedback during meetings, further fostering collaboration and teamwork.

Stay connected and productive: remote work and flexibility have become essential in modern workplaces. Microsoft Teams offers a range of features to help employees stay connected and productive, regardless of their location. With audio, video, and web meetings, employees can collaborate with colleagues both within and outside of their organization. With real-time sharing capabilities, users can provide instant feedback during meetings, improving collaboration and productivity.

Collaboration and co-authoring: collaboration is at the heart of modern workplaces. Microsoft Teams provides an excellent platform for employees to share, edit, and co-author Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. This feature enables users to work together seamlessly, increasing productivity, and efficiency. Teams also allows third-party app integration, streamlining processes and accelerating decision-making.

Real-time feedback in meetings: effective communication is critical in today’s fast-paced work environment. Microsoft Teams enables instant feedback in meetings with real-time sharing capabilities. This feature allows users to share screens, applications, or presentations, making collaboration more effective.

Integration with existing business apps: third-party apps can be easily integrated into Teams, simplifying processes and improving workflow. With custom integrations built using the Teams developer platform, businesses can tailor the platform to suit their specific needs. This integration feature saves time and improves efficiency, making Microsoft Teams a powerful tool for modern workplaces.

OnTarget offers Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions that enable companies to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and boost productivity across all locations and devices while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data. Our team of experts can help businesses transition to a modern workplace environment that is more flexible, efficient, and secure.

Why We’re Different

We Become An Extension of Your Team

As your IT extension, OnTarget focuses on what works best for your business by taking ownership of your needs and challenges, while bringing you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you are in good hands.

Our Focus on Delivery Excellence

We take this approach because it allows us to take time to develop an understanding of each customer’s organization and focus on their business objectives, rather than technology.

More than just tech expertise

We understand your organizational processes and industry terms. We use this knowledge, combined with our technical know-how, to deliver optimal solutions that are adapted to your business needs.


Team up with Microsoft Teams: Collaboration made seamless.


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Empower your workforce to stay productive and secure, anytime, anywhere with Microsoft Intune.

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Our Managed Services tailored for you

Our Managed Services tailored for you

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